About Us

Obsidian Contractors is a privately held general contracting firm founded by two brothers, Richard (Rick) and Daniel (Danny) Osborn, in September 2004. A desire to provide one-stop shopping for their clients is what drove Rick and Danny to structure Obsidian as a flexible full-service contractor with the ability to adjust their methods to meet the specific needs of their clients and the project. Together, Rick and Danny possess more than 47 years experience in general contracting and construction management and design.

When forming Obsidian Contractors, Rick and Danny wanted to bring as many trades as possible in-house to enable them to better serve their clients by controlling the quality, the schedule, and the costs. Ultimately, this allows you to save the customer money. Quality control, saving client’s money and customer satisfaction are driving forces at Obsidian Contractors.

Meet the Obsidian Contractors staff:
  • Rick Osborn
  • Danny Osborn